Midhun Raghav is a fashion and commercial photographer with a unique ability to connect with his clients and bring out the very best in them to create stunning outcomes. This rare talent makes Midhun one of the most exciting image makers in the industry today.

Midhun Raghav has taken a long and winding journey to become the dynamic creative force he is today. Starting out in Bangalore, India, in 2012, He has developed a sophisticated portfolio of work, winning him acclaim and plenty of attention along the way. Developing his skills and building a successful career, Midhun is now based in Dubai working on a range of projects.

Key to his work is the unique relationship he develops with the clients; a natural people-person, he is able to connect with those he works with to develop incredible results. He has an eye for nuance, emotion and detail that brings a fierce sense of individuality to his work. It is this natural ability, along with an understanding of different cultures, contexts and traditions, that gives his work a powerful and distinct identity. Midhun’s rich life experience and deep understanding of his medium shine through his work. He is always looking, always learning; he loves to evolve and continually develop his skills as a photographer. Never scared to experiment, Midhun will often think outside of the box with striking results. Often interested in colour, he explores tone and mood and the way that colours can evoke these things in the viewer. It is bold, exciting and enticing work. He is always willing to reimagine industry standards to make original, powerful and beautiful work.

Having now collaborated with a range of clients across the globe, producing images for the advertising industry, fashion photography and commercial projects as well as working with portrait and beauty photography, He is an experienced creative practitioner ready to bring value and quality to any project he works on. As a natural creative, Midhun thrives in discussion and is always ready to talk through the next big project. As his skills have grown Midhun has worked as an image retoucher and digital colourist, continually evolving through his work, pushing boundaries, indulging in his true passion – being the best creative he can be.

Midhun is a photographer on a steep upward trajectory, a creative growing and developing. Get the images you need to truly set you apart from the competition; work with Midhun Raghav, today.